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A Simple Approach to California Health Insurance

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How much does COBRA cost in California?


get-a-free-quote Cost of COBRA in CaliforniaYou will be required to pay the entire premium your employer pays and 2% towards administrative costs. Cal-Cobra costs 110% of applicable premium.

COBRA premiums may be increased if the costs of the plan increases.  Generally, the costs are fixed in advance of each twelve month premium cycle. The plan must allow you to pay premiums on a monthly basis. The plan may also allow you to make payments at other intervals.

Rule of thumb; COBRA premiums are always higher than a comparable individual or family California health insurance plan. You can compare costs, benefits and options We offer individual and family health insurance plans from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California.

Compare the cost of Coverage

We've made the process of comparing the cost and benefits of health insurance plans easy at our site. You can click and compare plans side by side, benefit for benefit.

If your shopping for heaht insurance coverage and getting confused either send us an email at or call 888-475-3131. We work with individuals and families who want to make a cost effect health insurance choice. Some people only need a short term medical plan or something more long term. We also work with small businesses who want to start a health insurance plan for their employees or who want to look at other coverage options.


Just as an aside I would like to remind people who read this to understand that while other insurances may be less expensive they can discriminate and deny claims on pre-existing conditions. Be careful some insurances will actually consider a migraine pre-existing. Be sure you read all the fine print and decide for yourself which plan is best.  
Posted @ Saturday, December 27, 2008 1:11 PM by amy
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