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A Simple Approach to California Health Insurance

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Who's to blame for the California health insurance rate increase?


Why is the media and government going after the health insurance companies for the rate increases? The rates insurance companies charge only reflect the fees doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers charge. Insurance companies pay the bills and keep providers from overcharging as best they can.

Here's a typical example. Joe's doctor recommends a CT scan for a sinus infection. Blue Shield of California, his health insurance carrier says the doctor isn't following protocol and should have ordered an exray (much cheaper). Joe follows his doctors order and decides to pay the for scan himself. The imaging people aren't used to someone paying for their service in cash. They usually charge the insurance company $750 for the procedure but only charge $300 since Joe is paying cash. This is typical through out the medical field. There is no control or uniformity for charging for services. Here is an area that needs to be controlled to keep costs down and have charges for service make sense.

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