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A Simple Approach to California Health Insurance

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How much does California Health Insurance Cost?


Maybe a better questions is what factors are taken into consideration in determining the cost of California health insurance for individuals and families?

Health insurance premiums are a reflection of the cost of all medical services consumed in a geographic area over a limited period of time.

If you've noticed, the cost of medical services is crazy. It's crazy expensive and uncontrolled. How much does it cost to see a family physician in your area? I checked in our area and the cost of a fifteen minute doctors visit varies from $59.00 to over $200.

Another example, in San Francisco, a routine colonoscopy cost varied from $850 to over $8,000.

When insurance companies pay these charges the collective amounts are divided up among the insured and spread out among the members. If Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California or Kaiser had more members the cost would drop for all members.

The new legislation that was passed regarding health care does not do enough to rein in the charges for doctors and hospital services. 

In the past several years the biggest increase in medical cost has come from medications. We are being over prescribed medicine and not given a choice of generics by our physicians. I know that doctors are getting kick backs from drug companies for prescribing their drugs.

I think it was too easy for President Obama and the legislature to make the insurance companies the bad guys in the battle to pass health care legislation. The health insurers do deserve much of the criticism they received but the doctors, hospitals, drug companies and other medical service providers need to do more to reduce the cost of health care at the provider end of the equation.

At we are dedicated to helping you find the most affordable health insurance available for individuals, families and small businesses in California. 

How to lower your California Health Insurance Premium


Change my California health insurance coverage

Mosst of the traffic on our site, is coming from people who want to lower the cost of their California Health Insurance plan.

You can go to our site and compare coverage and cost. The process is quick, easy and free. Both Anthem Blue Cross of California and Blue Shield of California have introduced new lower cost plans.

Ways to lower the cost of your health insurance are:

Raise your deductible

Buy a plan that only covers generic drugs

Switch carriers, if you're healthy, to a lower cost plan

Switch to a plan that does not cover maternity

Put your older children on their own plans

Look at HSA compatible plans. HSA's offer low premiums and tax advantages. See our blogs or for complete details about HSA plans.

If you're waiting for Obama's new health plan, their changes won't take effect for a few years.

Anthem Blue Cross offers as an easy tool to change your coverage if you are a Blue Cross client already.

Give us a call, we're happy to explain your options and help you save money on health care costs. A quick tip, both Wal Mart and Costco have some of the lowest prices for drugs. 

Compare California Health Insurance Plans


The best way to reduce the cost of your California Health Insurance Plan is to change to a lower priced plan. I help a woman yesterday and she will save almost four thousand dollars this year.

Comparing coverage is free and easy. Go to our site, .  You'll be asked to input your personal data. Name, address, etc. Rates are based on your age and zip code.

Next click on show me rates. It's free! The plans are shown from least expensive to most expensive. You can click on two or three plans, then show me rates. The site will show you plans side by side to make the comparison easy.

If you click on the plan by name a pop up will give you plan details. You can also see "terms" on our site if you're not familiar with some of the insurance language.

Both Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California are offering more low cost options and make switching coverage long as you're healthy and not over weight.

15 Minutes could save you a lot of premium for Ca. Health Insurance.


Change my coverage is the most popular search for our site. Now is a great time to review all your insurance coverages to see if your benefits are costing too much.

Lets look at ways to reduce the cost of your California health insurance plan.

1. Raise your deductible. Like car insurance, if you choose a higher deductible, your premium will decrease.

2. Select a different plan for each family member. Why should the male have maternity benefits in his plan? Only females who may possibly become pregnant should pay for this benefit.

3. Small business employers with less than fifty employees, review your options. All California insurance carriers (Health Net, United Health, Anthem Blue Cross, Pacificare, Blue Shield of California) are introducing new plans with lower premiums, higher deductible, generic only drug coverage, maternity optional, to help employers reduce their benefits cost.

Medical insurance in California is no longer about a ten dollar co-pay. Health insurance is a financial instrument designed to keep you from loosing all your assets IF you have a major medical incident.

By taking ten minutes and going to our site,, you can explore your options and reduce the cost of your health insurance. The service is free and very user friendly.

We all need to cut our expenses and we're dedicated to help you make sense of your California health insurance plan, and make it affordable.

Change My Health Insurance Coverage, Ca.


The traffic searching for my site is overwhelmingly "change my coverage".  People are obviously looking to reduce the cost of their health insurance. That's a wise choice. Changing to lower cost plans is easy.

New Plans from Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Cross has introduced their SmartSense plans. These plans don't cover maternity and can be with generic drugs only or a full drug benefit. Anthem Blue Cross recently introduced SmartSense and it's good inexpensive health insurance in California.

If you have Blue Cross and want to change your plan you can go to this site,, get your free quote and complete an application. In the upper box of the application you either say new app., or change in plan. You can also visit This is the Anthem Blue Cross site for changing coverage.

Blue Shield of California has also introduced their Vital plans. These plans are inexpensive and do not cover maternity and only offer generic drug coverage. Again, you can visit our site to change plans or purchase new coverage at a lower rate than what your paying now.

California health insurance is meant to protect your assets in case of a major medical expense.

change your coverage

Change My California Health Insurance Coverage


A lot of us are reviewing every monthly expense to reduce spending. California health insurance is easy to compare and change if it makes sense to do so.

The health insurance quotes are online and free. Visit our site,, fill in the blanks and click on "get a quote".

Click on the plans you want to compare and you'll see details of each insurance plan.  Higher deductibles equal lower premiums. Plans like the Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense reduce cost by not covering maternity and only paying for generic drugs.

To change plans you can click on "apply now" and check the "change plan" box at the beginning of the application process or go to That site is for use by Blue Cross, Anthem Blue Cross insurance holders.

You also might see a Blue Shield of California plan that has a lower premium. If you choose to change carriers for a lower premium, don't drop your current coverage until Blue Cross or Blue Shield notify you that your application is approved.

One of the most frequently asked questions is "how long does it take to underwrite an appliction?"  If you have a clean medical history it can take a few days. If you have a medical history that Blue Cross or Blue Shield need to see your medical records can slow the process to up to a few weeks.

If you have questions about choosing a plan that fits your needs you can send an email to or call us, toll free @ 888-475-3131

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